Providing Services for the Elderly, Disabled,
and Homebound

VICaP President

George Castle  

President's Message

Since I wrote to you last year many great things have happened at VICaP. We have moved into our permanent office space in the new Downtown Center of Cochise College and are very grateful for the College’s generosity. Our executive director, Cindy Fulbright moved on to new employment. We were very blessed to hire an outstanding replacement, Debi Godwin. Debi has performed exceptionally well and taken the organization to new heights. We have acquired a wheel chair accessible van and placed it in Willcox with two part time drivers. The program there is growing and we are also adding volunteers in many new locations such as Douglas, Bisbee, Tombstone and Willcox. We continue to search for new volunteers. Mary Means has taken on the task of bookkeeper. Lynell Scott has volunteered to be our Chaplain. Lynell has added much in help to our neighbors. She regularly visits with or calls to visit our neighbors who need a spiritual lift. Many thanks go to Lynell, for her devotion and selfless service. We also have a new executive assistant, Tara Howes, who joined the office staff in January. Tara is a great addition to the group of beautiful ladies in the office keeping the work moving forward.

All of the good that VICaP does for our community is made possible by our many volunteers. You are all to be congratulated, but I am sure you know that your service does not go unnoticed. The recipients, our neighbors, are the ones who are the most thankful for you and your time and efforts. When you get the chance, ask a friend to become a volunteer. Many hands make light work. The office staff, Debi, Pat, Mary and Tara, and the board of directors and officers also know where our success comes from – you the volunteers. Thank you.

VICaP is dependent on grants, donations and fund raising to meet our financial obligations. These obligations include: our paid employees, everyday expenses such as insurance, utilities, office items and reimbursement for mileage to the volunteers. If you know of any grant opportunities that would work for VICaP, please let us know. Our neighbors have been very generous in donating when they can. One area where we need to ask assistance is to the many doctors, dentists and other professional people who we take neighbors to for health visits. Let’s give them a kindly request when the opportunity presents itself. 

 Thanks again to all of our volunteers and our excellent office staff, Debi, Pat, Mary, Tara and  our chaplain Lynell.


George Castle