Providing Services for the Elderly, Disabled,
                                 and Homebound

  Elder Resources, Southeastern Arizona                    Serving the Patagonia area     
 Cochise County Department of Health & Social Services                     See our forms page for registration to help responders find you quickly. Name of form is: 2019 At-Risk Population Registration 

  Telemedicine                                                              Getting access to a Dr. from your home

  A Senior’s Guide to Healthy Eating  

  Senior Planning Resources                Long Term Care Medicaid eligibility           




   Locate Volunteer Caregiver Programs in the US                




                     Resources for Older People                  

    Help with Prescription Drug costs             





                Official website of the State of Arizona  

       You can use Health-e-Arizona to apply on-line
medical assistance, Food Stamps, and cash assistance.    

 Benefits CheckUp Arizona, offered by the Arizona
 Department of Economic Security, helps adults 55 
 years of age and older, and adults with disabilities,
 find available money from a variety of programs to
 help them with services and to pay for prescription
 drugs, health care, food, utilities and other needs. 
 Benefits counselors can search for available funds 
 in more than 40 federal programs and 30 state programs.

The National Resource Directory (NRD) provides  
 access to resources at the national, state                 
 and local levels that support recovery, rehabilitation
                                                and community reintegration.             


    Arizona Self Help is a free and easy way to find out if your family 
    can get help from 31 different health and  human services  


  Whether you’re a mesothelioma patient, family member,
  or friend, we’re here to guide you through every step of the diagnostic
  and treatment process.  We’re a small team of caring healthcare
  professionals, patient advocates, and communication specialists.

Mesothelioma Treatment Community is a non-profit group raising awareness in finding a cure for the 100% disabling disease. As they raise awareness, they want to offer you a plethora of information on asbestos, mesothelioma, veteran guidance, and treatment options. Consider a visit to their web site: Mesotheliom Treatment Community.

Mesothelioma Fund -- helping patients and their families find help with medical costs.